Skin Previews

Marrina  Skin

Marrina on the shores of Scotland


Marrina taking a dive

   Marrina in her famous fight Vs Ali  
Marrina Update (Lighter Skin)

Marrina in the Great North 

Gorilla Grodd Two Pack w/hero file Gorilla Grodd Plotting by the Stream.
(Circus of Crime) The Clown w/hero file The Clown Creepy isn't he!
(Circus of Crime) Live wire + Mesh (Released!) Live Wire Group shot at the farm (new)
(Circus of Crime) Fire-Eater Fire-Eater Hangin at the Circus 

Coming to an internet link near you..

Nick Fury for the Soviet-X Mesh Preview shot (tabled) 
(EOS) Enemy's of S.H.I.E.L.D (tabled)



F/X Previews


Sandman Punch W/green sleeve


Sandman Punch 2 WO/green sleeve and edited fist to look more natural.

Sand_Blast Sandman's Sand Blast  attack
Tron_Disc Tron's Light disc


Nomad's Alloy Stun Discs


Freedom Force links Links

F/X Mesh Skins Forums Freedom Reborn   


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